Welcome. The invitation is to take your time here. Please contact Alicia today for more information, inquiries, scheduling, questions, and fees. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Do you want to:
– feel at home in your body?
– deepen your relationship with yourself & others?
– learn about pelvic health and sustainability
– feel connected to the greater collective and feel your purpose in this world?

Alicia uses body and soul – oriented therapeutic approaches in combination with integration through verbal dialogue. Alicia believe challenges and crises are opportunities for deep self-expansion and utilizes a fusion of modalities including psycho-spiritual & somatic healing practices, trauma-informed care, psycho-education. Alicia works with clients who want to fully understand the nature of their mind, heart, instinctual & physical selves.

Contact Alicia today if you desire a rich connection with yourself, others, and the bigger picture of wider community and collective.

Recommendation: “Alicia is an engaging and knowledgeable facilitator; her hunger for knowledge keeps her on the cutting edge of her field. I truly admire her ability to create a safe environment for her clients to explore the edges of human experience. I recommend her work for anyone ready for a deep dive to heal all aspects of the self.” – Melissa Walker , fellow Somatic Psychotherapist & Sex Therapist

Alicia’s Vision: Alicia envisions a time where you have permission to feel alive, safe, nourished, and free from shame and dysfunction. Where your mind, heart, instinct, physical & energetic creative bodies are all in alignment and integration with each other.

Alicia’s Approach: combination of body-oriented approaches, psycho-spiritual tools including physics, visualization, alchemy & transformation, trauma resolution, verbalization and integration of experience, and contact / hands-on work that supports you to move toward vitality and health. The #1 result clients experience is more connection to their bodies, deep self-awareness & regulation. Alicia sees the deepest core benefit that clients walk away with is ease and clarity with themselves, and deeper meaning. See the Services page for different options in working with Alicia. Alicia offers multiple services to suit where you are in your journey.

Working with Alicia can help you build:

– emotional regulation
– connection to your body
– relationship skills & health
– nervous system strength
– coping strategies & skills
– connection to the greater web of life
– physical & mental stability
– awareness & ability to release shock
from your system
– pelvic health and sustainability
– tangible and practical self-care practices

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