What To Expect

The first step is to honor the courage it takes to consider entering into this work with yourself. 
Working with Alicia in this way can be a big step if this is your first time in this kind of relationship. It often comes with a wide range of thoughts and feelings. There are multiple routes of working with Alicia : counseling, embodiment work, mentorship & supervision, energy work, and pelvic healing. Please read the tabs for each service.

Through working with Alicia, you may expect:

— A deeper connection to your body, emotions, insights, internal world, and creativity
— More peace in your relationship with yourself and your loved ones
— Heightened awareness and mastery of your inner feelings and reactions
— Skills around exploring the different zones of your system including your heart / emotions, physical & motor skills, mental & thought center, instinctual gut center, and sexual creative center
— New techniques and tools to walk yourself through life and the challenging / positive life experiences that are otherwise difficult to process

FullSizeRender_2The Next Step: In the first meeting or phone discussion, you and Alicia will review reasons for seeking support, the current circumstance of your life, and what you’re interested in. You’ll have time to ask questions and hear more about working with Alicia.

Structure: If you and Alicia decide to work together, the first few sessions involve a process of sharing your history. Short and long term goals will be discussed. The pace and progression is different for each individual which depends on you, the way you learn best, and the relationship between you and Alicia.

Reflection Support: As you prepare to engage, taking time to feel and think may be helpful. You may want to ask yourself questions like the ones below. There’s no right or wrong answer. You may not know how to begin answering. Beginning with the question itself is a good place to start. Some questions to consider are:

– What experiences have I had that feel important or stand out in my mind? How have these experiences impacted how I live? How might they impact my relationships?

– What is my relationship with my body? What has it been in the past? What is new and different, where am I now?

– What do I think and feel about power? What does being powerful mean? Where am I in relationship to my own power?

– How many emotions am I aware of in myself? What does fear, safety, anger, joy, grief, love, peace, feel like in my body?

– What is my relationship to truth in myself ? What is my relationship to anything in me that is false or maladaptive?

– What is my dream life like? What are my fantasies about? What are my deepest fears?

– What does sex mean to me?  How would I feel talking about sex with my family, friends, partner, therapist, colleagues?

– What is my relationship to birth (physical or metaphor)? What was my own birth like? If there are children, what was the birth of my children like?

– What did my culture, family ancestors, caregivers, society teach me about my body? Sex? Love? Gender? Touch? Privilege?

– What do I notice happening inside of my body, head, heart, belly, pelvis, when I reflect on these questions? Where are my comfort zones? Where are my edges and challenges?