Mentoring for Therapists New to Private Practice

Starting a private practice is more than just showing up to do therapy. The world of private practice includes awareness and practice in marketing, web presence development, self employment and financial practices, licensing procedures, program development, and more.

Alicia began offering to mentor therapists who want to begin a private practice due to her success in building a business and training in the above areas. Business coaches charge thousands of dollars for “marketing and business coaching” that can be learned for something much more manageable and affordable.

Contact Alicia to set up a consultation for any combination of the following pieces:

  • web development
  • email newsletter development
  • program development
  • social media presence and practices, blogs, event websites to manage payment
  • business financial management and payment processing
  • malpractice insurance, licensing procedures, and how to approach supervision
  • the logistical pieces of practice such as space rental, work life balance, having a part time job, and calendar management

You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for a marketing and coaching plan that may not give you any actual return on investment for the money you pay. Contact Alicia today if you’d like to sit down and review the places you need support and learn through experiential processing with Alicia. Work at the frequency, pacing, and cost that works for you to build your business, it takes hard work but it’s possible.