Individual Counseling

We all need support. Life gives us experiences where we wonder how we will get through it. Alicia uses body-oriented therapeutic approaches in combination with integration through verbal dialogue. Alicia works with individuals who experience a variety of stressors including:

— Overall discomfort with life and relationships
— A wish for things to be different or easier
— Craving for connection and intimacy with others and challenges with getting it
— Relationship issues such as conflict, lack of relationships, loneliness, “never being satisfied”, uncertainties, sexual difficulties, infidelities, new families & parenting
— Inability to focus and feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled by life
— Depression, difficult emotions such as anger, sadness, grief, hopelessness
— Food / exercise / sleep challenges
— Physical symptoms

Alicia believes you DO deserve to feel good in your body and that it’s possible.  Contact Alicia to schedule a free consultation and consider building skills that will assist you in being where you want to in life.