Individual Counseling

Life gives us experiences where we wonder how we will get through it. Alicia uses body and soul – oriented therapeutic approaches in combination with integration through verbal dialogue. Alicia believe challenges and crises are opportunities for deep self-expansion and utilizes a fusion of modalities including psycho-spiritual & somatic healing practices, trauma-informed care, psycho-education. Alicia works with clients who want to fully understand the nature of their mind, heart, instinctual & physical selves.

Working with Alicia can provide you with: emotional regulation & intelligence, relationship skills & health, nervous system strength & body connectivity, coping skills, connection to the greater web of life, stability, reproductive health, the ability to release shock from your system, embodiment, relationship health, and practical self-care practices. IMG_2818Alicia has a unique office setup with a traditional counseling space that is cozy as well as a bodywork table for hands-on support. With dual trainings in counseling, somatic healing, massage therapy & energy work, Alicia offers consent-based, nervous system supporting, hands-on work if you are interested in receiving that. Many people desire hands-on support and nurturing contact but need to work with bodyworkers who have emotional intelligence and awareness of boundaries & consent. This is a space for this opportunity. All hands-on support is clothed and no massage work is done with counseling clients. If you are interested in learning more about Alicia’s other practice in pelvic healing work, please read more here

Alicia believes you DO deserve to feel good in your body, connected to the greater web of life, and that it’s possible and available to you.  Contact Alicia to schedule a free consultation and consider building skills that will assist you in being where you want to in life.