Individual Counseling

Life gives us experiences where we wonder how we will get through it. Alicia uses body and soul – oriented therapeutic approaches in combination with integration through verbal dialogue. Alicia works with individuals who experience a variety of stressors including:

— Overall discomfort with life and relationships
— A wish for things to be different or easier
— Feeling disconnected from their body and a greater purpose
— Craving for connection and intimacy with others and challenges with getting it
— Relationship and intimacy challenges
— Inability to focus and feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled by life
— Depression, difficult emotions such as anger, sadness, grief, hopelessness
— Food / exercise / sleep challenges and physical symptoms



Alicia believes you DO deserve to feel good in your body, connected to the greater web of life, and that it’s possible and available to you.  Contact Alicia to schedule a free consultation and consider building skills that will assist you in being where you want to in life.