Holistic Pelvic Care (TM)

Holistic Pelvic Care (TM) is a model developed by Tami Lynn Kent. HPC is based in preventative care and incorporates psycho-education, self-care tools and holistic perspective on the pelvis to promote pelvic health and sustainability. This model perceives wounds or pelvic imbalance as a guide from the body and potential for transformation. HPC functions on the notion that connection to the root and pelvis is vital for a grounded and centered life. HPC can restore physical and pelvic balance, relieve symptoms, and resolve trauma. Pelvic symptoms may include but are not limited to chronic infection, urinary infections, pelvic pain, pain during sex, feelings of being “blocked” / frustrated / and stressed, panic attacks (lack of flow down into the pelvis), menstrual challenges, postpartum challenges such as recovery from tearing / medical interventions, pain and residual emotional impact from abortion and miscarriage procedures. See the bottom of this page for fees and scheduling information.

Inclusive Note: Alicia’s intention is to provide a respectful and healing space for all bodies. Holistic Pelvic Care was developed for bodies with female anatomy but can be of benefit across all identities. If you are in a body with female genitalia but do not identify as a woman, please know you are welcome to receive this work. If you are in a body with male anatomy, this practice can be adapted and the focus is to work with root energy, pelvic balance, and identity. If you are curious but hesitant, please write to Alicia for more dialogue and questions / clarification.
** Please note this is a non-sexual practice that intends for pelvic health and sustainability.

Holistic Pelvic Care can work to resolve pelvic symptoms, facilitate basic pelvic health for every person and all ages (over 18), clear pelvic congestion, support organ health & alignment, reduce environment for disease, increase sexual health, support transition to menopause and long term sustainable pelvic health, enhance fertility, prepare for pregnancy / childbirth & increase postpartum healing, heal traumatic or difficult birth & assist bonding with a new baby, heal trauma and restore the rightful presence in the creative center, decrease core stress, establish clear energetic boundaries and work with emotional armoring as a response to abuse.

HPC addresses habits of running creative energy in the body and how this will affect pelvic tension and health (organ patterns, lineage and ancestral pieces, wounds, societal roles and definitions). Pelvic trauma impact is passed cellularly and this work addresses ancestral / familial patterns. The patterns we encounter in the pelvic space reveal the beliefs we hold (particularly in regard to position in society and gender) and reflect the rules we live by to organize our energy. This work addresses absence versus presence, block versus flow, resonance versus reaction patterns in the pelvis. The cycle of touch involves assessment, evaluation, presence / proprioception (ability to sense the experience of one’s internal world), palpation of the core and pelvis, visualization, directed breath, and image (the language of the body).

– this practice involves contact from Alicia’s hands onto your upper belly, lower belly, sides of the legs, heart, sacrum, feet, upper neck & skull (cranial hold), and areas of some organs (liver, kidneys, uterus, digestive organs, ovaries). This work can be done on a bodywork table or on the floor depending on your preference
– one of the ultimate goals is restoring organ balance in the uterus and ovaries in female anatomy
– this work is done clothed and with clear consent of each step. Time can be taken to work with contact if it is challenging to tolerate
– please wear loose fitting clothing (denim makes this work challenging)
– this work involves working with tension patterns, physical and energetic sensations, emotions, images, breath, birth imprints and family history, archetypal energies and images, integrating change, and true contact between practitioner and client
– intentions, boundaries and agreements are set for each session and a firm & kind container is held

Pelvic trauma is any event that causes a prolonged disruption between a person and their center or root that does not allow for reconnection and resolution. This can be an overwhelming experience (energetically, emotionally, physically) and often involves a threat to existence (to their own body, their provider, or their child). This results in disruption: energetic, emotional, physical. This preserves survival in the moment but lingers as unresolved / stuck in the body pattern. Every person has probably experienced some realm of pelvic trauma and this practice provides a respectful healing space for trauma resolution.

Pelvic trauma can range from abuse / assault, a motor vehicle accident, physical injury such as falling on the tailbone, extreme athletic competition, abortion, circumcision, abuse patterns or pelvic trauma in the lineage, late term loss or loss in childbirth, delivery complications, medical procedures, gender wounds, infertility, major accidents and injuries, miscarriage, adoption, early life events, childbirth, and more. Unpacking this with Alicia is part of the assessment process.
– Alicia offers HPC in the Boulder office on Thursdays and the Golden office on Tuesdays
– Please contact Alicia to schedule (see Contact tab). If there is a wait list it moves quickly as this is usually a more ‘short-term’ work. Long-term / on-going work is available on a case by case basis
– sessions are 55 minutes , sessions of 90 minutes are available at a pro-rated fee

SESSION PACKAGES (discount is given for more sessions purchased at once)
Basic : Assessment & 1 follow up (2 session minimum) : $300
Pelvic Wellness Package : 3 sessions : $430
Postpartum Package : 4 sessions : $480
Trauma Recovery Package : 6 sessions : $860

— if you are highly committed to this work and in a deep state of financial need, please inquire with Alicia to discuss options