Caring For the Center : Pelvic Work with Alicia

IMG_2824Words of Gratitude for Alicia’s approach:

“My time with Alicia, and the effects of our work together, have been profound.

There are so many personal healings that I have received during my sessions on spiritual, emotional, and physical levels that I can’t fit them all into one testimonial.  Alicia brings an absolute honoring of the female body and experience as well as incredible personal attunement to the body.  I have rarely felt so safe, seen and honored and to feel this while having healing work done in the pelvic area is, in itself, life-transforming. In three sessions with Alicia I have experienced major insights that are my guiding light right now, much-needed emotional shifts, and gentle physical releases that have translated into major changes in a pelvic/low-back pain pattern that I have carried for years.  I also had my first menstrual cycle without cramps!  Working with Alicia is a core part of my healing work with myself right now, and my path to becoming the woman that I want to be.  I have recommended working with Alicia to every female in my life and am in great gratitude for her and her healing path that has led her to bringing this work to others!”

“I’ve never been touched like this, so gentle around this tender and sensitive area of the pelvis, this is definitely what you’re supposed to be doing.”


Alicia’s approach with pelvic care is inspired by multiple personal inquiries and experiences including Holistic Pelvic Care (TM), the women at the Red School and Self-Cervix, trauma-informed care, physics & the science of energy, sacred sexuality, the Chakra energy medicine & Reichian Armor Ring systems, the organ energy system, and myofascial work. Working with me includes witnessing and mentorship around the possibility of a sacred relationship to these bodies that are cyclical. When there is the interest, there is a chance to reform the relationship to the menstrual cycle and find empowerment rather than burden.

Pelvic work with Alicia offers the following levels :
– practical and tangible self care tools / education (including cycle tracking, vaginal steaming, self massage practices for breast and pelvic health, hormones, fertility, healing around medical procedures and releasing cellular memory from the pelvis)
— embodiment and hands on bodywork
– creative expression and manifestation on the bodily level
– Spirit process work grounded in the physical container

This includes work with pelvic fascia & pelvic floor tissue (internally), circulation, bladder concerns, uterine position, digestion, organ inquiry (kidney, ovaries, etc) and intra-oral jaw work in addition to other possible whole-body connections and inquiries. Alicia is happy to discuss more in depth with you, much of how this is approached is based on your history and needs.

All emotional and spiritual experiences associated with safety, trust, survival, sex, birth, death, intimacy, ancestral content, pelvic trauma, loss, medical procedures, womb loss, relationships, creativity, self-respect, personal & relational power, and embodiment can be addressed. Difficulties with brain-related challenges such as depression and anxiety can also be addressed here as numerous holistic medicine systems see brain-related issues as an imbalance with the root / base of the body. The Chinese medicine system refers to the root (pelvic tissue) as the foundational “burner” (energy center) of the body. If the foundational burner is not open, clear, aligned & vital there can be a drain on the entire system and spirit. This realm of pelvic work intends to restore all vitality to the root of the body.

Alicia’s intention is to provide a respectful and healing space for all bodies. Holistic Pelvic Care was developed for bodies with female anatomy but can be of benefit across all identities. If you are in a body with female genitalia but do not identify as a woman, please know you are welcome to receive this work. If you are in a body with male anatomy, this practice can be adapted and the focus is to work with root energy, pelvic balance, and identity but does not include deep pelvic tissue work. If you are curious but hesitant, please write to Alicia for more dialogue and questions / clarification.

Pelvic trauma is any event that causes a prolonged disruption between a person and their center or root that does not allow for reconnection and resolution. This can be an overwhelming experience (energetically, emotionally, physically) and often involves a threat to existence (to their own body, their provider, or their child). This results in disruption: energetic, emotional, physical. This preserves survival in the moment but lingers as unresolved / stuck in the body pattern. Every person has probably experienced some realm of pelvic trauma and this practice provides a respectful healing space for trauma resolution. Pelvic trauma can range from abuse / assault, a motor vehicle accident, physical injury such as falling on the tailbone, extreme athletic competition, abortion, circumcision, abuse patterns or pelvic trauma in the lineage, late term loss or loss in childbirth, delivery complications, medical procedures, gender wounds, infertility, major accidents and injuries, miscarriage, adoption, early life events, childbirth, and more. Unpacking this with Alicia is part of the assessment process.


Please contact Alicia if you are interested in initiating this work with me or if you have questions. Alicia wishes everyone knew that this work was available, the deepest prayer here is to spread this to the masses. You can email Alicia at or call (720) 279-4781.