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You want to feel grounded in your body and emotional world. Confident. Curious. Open. Powerful. In touch with your full self, including the dark and messy. This is the way to the light. This writing provides a window into a few chosen practices that can help you open to a different relationship with your body. Through tangible and simple techniques, this will begin or deepen the dialogue you have with your own body. I’ll present a brief introduction to the theory, philosophy, and content of each practice. I will provide guidance on how to implement the practice in your own body, and possible places these practices can give meaning in your life.

Ultimately, feeling and breathing and moving your body is the top priority with all of these practices. My hope is that this lands on a deeper level for those who learn best by reading. I hope this is helpful and you use the power of your thinking mind in order to reach deeper into yourself.

The list goes on. The source of enlightenment, energy, center, power, light, love. Different systems have found labels to describe a phenomenon that is so sacred it is impossible to name it fully with words. The experience of a fully connected body, open and alive to the fullness of life, is a sought after gift. People go through countless explorations to find it. Yoga, breathwork, therapy, drugs, dance, mindfulness, sports, meditation, sexual techniques, there are countless ways that we all try to tap this phenomenon. Danger is a certain block to experiencing this fullness. Another is our own resistance, because this fullness often comes with a lot of intensity. The moment when we most need to keep going inward, something in us says “run!” My invitation is to stay, and keep going.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D. speaks about this aspect of our psyche and bodies by saying without this instinctual part of ourselves alive and awake, our inner eyes are closed by a shadowy hand. Some people feel the physical feeling of soul in the chest or heart area. Others say the experience of soul is completely without a label. Without soul, large parts of our days are spent paralyzed and in wishful thinking, we lose the sureness of our footing, we forget why we are here, we hold on when it would be best to hold out, we take too much or too little or nothing at all, we are silent when we are in fact on fire. Once we are connected to this archetypal energy in our cells, we have an ally, teacher, leader, and model. We see not through two eyes, but through the eyes of intuition which has many eyes.

These are practices intended for you to apply to yourself as maps, small pieces to stitch together, to visit and revisit time and time again. To leave and come back to years later. The oldest form of psychology speaks of embodying the soul. This writing has been chosen to embolden you and offer a guide on your way so that you begin to thrive on your own nature. As you do these practices, do not be fooled. You may begin to feel your yearning and heartbreak in a different way than you have before. As you do this, receive the experience as another piece of yourself and enter the becoming stage of transformation.

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