Embodiment Work

Alicia offers embodiment work to further body – connection. These sessions are different than therapy in that they focus heavily on the body with the focus on health and wholeness. Past challenging experience can sometimes arise and there is space to provide for this to be digested. Physical practices are used to provide deeper connection to one’s body, expansion and balance in movement possibilities, and overall wellness and health. There is much therapy available, and a lot of body-based practices available, but sometimes it is the in-between space that is the most fruitful and hard to find. Alicia hopes to provide a space where growth can happen that is not therapy but does provide emotional permission. Some clients work with Alicia for embodiment work as an addition to other psychotherapy they are active in. Some clients are interested in embodiment but not interested in therapy. Please inquire to discuss this with Alicia.

See Alicia’s blog post on Developmental Movement for a video sample of what movements you may play with! Or you can view the video below.

Questions to reflect on if you’re curious about this are:
– Do you have mysterious physical symptoms you haven’t found an answer for?
– Are you interested in a supportive, safe container where you can bring your whole self to connect parts of yourself that may be in conflict?
– What is your relationship to the base of your body ? Your heart ? Your physiological motor capacities ? Your pelvic floor and sexual center ? Your instinctual gut brain ?
– Do you want a sense of power in yourself and body?
– Does pain limit or impact your life in a way you want to change?
– Are you interested in a more sustainable, healthy movement practice as you get older?
– Do you want a connected & open relationship with your nervous system?
– Are you at a loss of what else to try?

See this list if you want to know some of the practices Alicia uses:
– Developmental Movement Models & Patterning (click here to view a video)
Authentic Movement
Laban Movement Analysis
– Body Psychotherapy Techniques: Core Energetics, Rebirthing Breathwork, Bioenergetics
Body Mind Psychotherapy
Kestenberg Movement Profile

Alicia invites a dialogue to begin helping you figure out if you are ready for and interested in meeting yourself on a new level with this work. Please contact Alicia with questions or to schedule a free consultation.