Couples & Relationship Skills

FullSizeRender_2Alicia works with couples & individuals who want to focus on relationship skill building. Whether in the midst of crisis or maintaining a strong bond, all relationships go through phases where one or both partners feel their partner is not responsive to them.  Alicia’s style and approach in working with couples comes from different models but rests heavily on PET-C (Pragmatic/Experiential Therapy for Couples), attachment based couples theory, body-based couples therapy models and education about alternative lifestyles & relationships.

Working with Alicia may assist you in:

  • Gaining effective communication skills that will help you feel your partner is being responsive to you and that you are being treated with respect
  • Building a foundation and finding what is most effective in relationship
  • Enjoying and feeling satisfaction in your sexual relationship
  • Take ownership over your own experiences and learn what couples who succeed practice & do
  • React effectively when you feel mistreated by your partner

Alicia is friendly / aware / educated in the fields of the BDSM / Kink / Alternative Relationships and feel that people in these communities need assistance just as much as everyone else. Many therapists want to be but cannot fully embody being sex-positive and opening areas that push their comfort zones with clients. Alicia enjoys bringing openness about this content in with her work with clients.

If you’re wondering if this may possible be for you, contact Alicia or read more about PET-C here.  If you’re not interested in therapy but would like to do intimacy – related work with Alicia in groups, see the Events page, or contact Alicia for more information.