Birthing / Doula

FullSizeRenderAlicia is trained as a Birth Doula. Below is information about what a doula is and the role of a doula in the pregnancy, birthing, and postpartum process. Though Alicia is not currently taking private doula clients, she is available for birth consultations and birth processing. This is a specific kind of counseling that is tailored to preparing for and / or integrate birth or loss. Alicia holds training in prenatal yoga, birth trauma, and the effects of sexual abuse / trauma on the birthing process. Birth is one of the most intense physiological processes a body ever goes through and Alicia believes attention & support need to be involved. Alicia holds a special niche with her training as a counselor, doula, and pelvic floor / uterine massage practitioner. Alicia feels committed to serving those who need support in these areas and offers a lower fee for birth processing / birth consultation.

The Birthing Process: The physiological process of birth is one of the most profound processes a human body can go through. Often, there are challenges, a range of mixed emotions, complications, and needs for support around birth. Whether your birth is or was smooth without complication or challenging, having a helping hand to walk through that process with you can sometimes make a big difference.

You may want to consider birth focused counseling if:

– you’re interested in or curious about your own birth and want to integrate your first experiences of this world
– you’re considering having children and wonder if your own birthing experiences could possibly impact the process
– you are pregnant or the partner or support person to someone who’s pregnant and would like emotional support and integration of the processes
– you’ve had a child and feel charge / emotion around it and are interested in integrating it now that there is more space for you
– you’ve had a child and are feeling depleted, unsupported, burnt out, depressed, anxious and feel it is far away from your usual state of being

Alicia is a huge advocate for hiring a doula! What is a Doula? Why might I want one?  A doula’s job is to provide:
– physical and emotional support during the birth
– information and education about options available
– resources given prenatally to ensure parents are ready for birth and life as a new parent
– meeting with families in the postpartum time to help the family adjust to life

— A doula does NOT make decisions for parents or provide any medical assistance.  Their job is to support parents as they do what is right for them. Alicia has no opinion about what is right or wrong. The ultimate goal is for you to have the information and tools to make the right decisions for you and your family.