Caring For the Eternal Center : Announcements & Upcoming Pelvic Work Opportunities

My warmest heartfelt greetings to you and 2018. The year of 2017 was quite a descent for me. My sense is….perhaps for many of us. It has been the better part of a year since I wrote to you on this blog and I am so glad to return here with such satisfying updates. I took a deep dive in 2017 in many ways. My path has involved spending almost one year in massage therapy school. Learning the body in these new ways has been FULL…complex, fascinating, inspiring, challenging, tender, and much more. It has made my brain and body overflow and has brought me deeper into myself, work, service and purpose. This past year challenged me in ways I have not yet encountered and for that I am so grateful because I am now enjoying the expansion and liberation that comes only from full commitment to the deepest of descents. I am grateful for you all, this community, my work, the earth and cosmos, and the Great Mystery of it all.

In this blog I’ll be discussing Holistic Pelvic Care (TM), a new modality I have trained in and will be adding to my practice and work in the coming months. For this I am SO thrilled, this is one of my greatest loves. My excitement and commitment is stronger than ever. I wish everyone knew that this work was available, my deepest prayer here is to spread this to the masses.

After all the work I have done on myself, this one is truly unique and something special. The words I keep returning to in describing working with the pelvis are eternal, timeless, potent, and wild. Relating to the power center spirit door is some of the most satisfying and moving work I have ever done. The pelvis is the center of the bodily universe in many healing systems. My journey to offering this work professionally comes from my own healing journey. When I first heard of this realm of pelvic work I said to myself and my loved ones…”I’ve processed it all, I’ve worked through and felt my life and everything that I can, I’ve looked at and talked about and processed and moved with it all in groups / individual therapy / traditional bodywork / movement process / breath work…I’ve done it all, but I feel there are memories and experiences still alive and held in my pelvis. I don’t even know what it is, but I want to find out.” That was just the beginning. My willingness to make that initial inquiry changed everything. My years of self-work was not wasted, it prepared me to do this pelvic work that is the most deeply intimate, tender, and vulnerable space I have ever entered in the healing realm. It has transformed my relationship to all of the themes listed below in the most powerful ways.

This year you can lookout for groups and workshops centered around caring for the menstrual cycle & female pelvis and HPC sessions with me. My first workshop looks to be in May. I am currently taking names of people interested in this work with me. The feedback and inquiries I am getting lead me to believe that there is a high need for this work and I am looking forward to serving our community in these needs. Please write to me if you are interested. You can read more about my approach with HPC below and on my website. I will still be offering psychotherapy but will be scaling back on that and doing half and half, I appreciate working with our community in both ways. If you would like to read more in-depth about my work, click here.


My approach with pelvic care is inspired by multiple inquiries I have made including Holistic Pelvic Care (TM), the women at the Red School, trauma-informed care, physics & the science of energy, sacred sexuality, the Chakra energy medicine & Reichian Armor Ring systems, the organ energy system, and myofascial work. Working with me includes witnessing and mentorship around the possibility of a sacred relationship to these bodies that are cyclical. When there is the interest, there is a chance to reform the relationship to the menstrual cycle and find empowerment rather than burden.

Pelvic work with me offers the following levels :
– practical and tangible self care tools / education (including cycle tracking, vaginal steaming, self massage practices for breast and pelvic health, hormones, fertility, healing around medical procedures and releasing cellular memory from the pelvis)

– creative expression and manifestation on the bodily level
– Spirit process work grounded in the physical container
HPC includes work with pelvic fascia & pelvic floor tissue (internally), circulation, bladder concerns, uterine position, digestion, organ inquiry (kidney, ovaries, etc) and intra-oral jaw work in addition to other possible whole-body connections and inquiries. I am happy to discuss more and much of how this is approached is based on your history and needs.

All emotional and spiritual experiences associated with safety, trust, survival, sex, birth, death, intimacy, ancestral content, pelvic trauma, loss, medical procedures, womb loss, relationships, creativity, self-respect, personal & relational power, and embodiment are addressed with HPC.

If you feel called but still hesitant, please consider joining me for this FREE introduction event I am hosting on Thursday January 25, 2018 (info below), if you have questions about this event click the facebook event here or write to me at ALL are welcome at this event, it is purely educational and will be talk-education oriented.

DATE : Thursday January 25th, 2018
WHERE : 6530 Barnacle St, Boulder, CO 80301-3124, United States in the Twin Lakes apartments in Gunbarrel
TIME : 7 pm – 9 pm
** GIVEAWAY! ** One HPC session with Alicia will be raffled off to a participant, if you bring a friend you get to put your name in the raffle one extra time for the person you bring

Please contact me if you are interested in initiating this work with me or if you have questions. I am so happy to be in touch with and work with you, your loved ones, and this community in this way. I wish everyone knew that this work was available, my deepest prayer here is to spread this to the masses. You can email me at or call (720) 279-4781. If you are still hungry for more, there is more in-depth information on my HPC page here.

About Alicia Patterson

Alicia Patterson is a Psychotherapist / Dance Movement Therapist, Birth Doula, Bodyworker / Energy Medicine Practitioner, Dance and Yoga Facilitator in the Boulder / Denver area.
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