Self – Defense For Girls & Women

I recently did a self-defense class for women and felt called to share about it. As girls and women, so much of our conditioning and training tells us to be soft / small / nice etc (EVEN if we grew up with support and encouragement to be in our power). Society has contaminated the feminine in too many ways and this is a direct manifestation of that. This is a problem when we under threat. How many of us have been cat-called, called ‘bitch’ for not answering, been followed, felt afraid walking alone at night?

Who is this for?
I can’t shout enough that I think this is so valuable. To get basic training about how to hold oneself in the world as a girl / woman with confidence and access to strength and power in our bodies seems like a gift in this current world. Sometimes the danger can feel like too much and this was a dose to help add to agency and autonomy in women. I’m sharing in hopes that this provides some fruit and whether it’s a resource for you personally, your kids, your clients, teenagers you know, it’s applicable across the board.

The class involved :
– basic body language / social engagement tips on how to avoid escalated situations or de-escalate an interaction that feels threatening
– body based training to show how to deal with a situation if and when it escalates
– a few effective ‘moves’ that are used in case of emergency to get out of a hold and get away / run for help if needed and put the person ‘to sleep’ even if they are bigger than the person being attacked (they will wake up as long as it’s used correctly)

I so wish I had learned this as a teen girl ! I have zero experience with self – defense and martial arts. In fact, I felt nervous before the class, standing up for myself in this physical way is foreign to me. This class was gentle, digestible and helpful. It was also really fun to do with a group of close female friends. Our laughter was refreshing while spending time learning about something that is challenging for us. I looked into this kind of training few years ago but some of the trainings for women are big commitments and high cost. This was short and affordable ($20 each with 5 people). With the world we’re living in now with astounding sexual assault and abuse statistics (that aren’t even accurate because so much happens that goes unreported), I think this is more relevant than it’s ever been. It felt so good to take action on behalf of my own well-being.

RFLX Training Center
Erica is the woman who co-owns this studio. She was a supportive, relatable, helpful, practical teacher in addition to making it work for everyone. She doesn’t know I’m sharing in this way and in no way asked me to. I will often do this kind of sharing when I feel inspired with resources I find. The studio website has a class schedule (for all ages from 4 year olds through adult). One of the women with us has a 4 year old daughter and she was so glad to hear they had a class for little ones, that she wants her daughter to grow up with this strong sense of self and power in her body. If you’re interested more in what I did (a small private group basic training, 4 or more people), contact her and ask !  Based on her experience being a woman in the world and having young daughters, she shared her passion for educating and training young women to be aware, empowered, and equipped and said she’d be happy to do more small groups. I’m sure there are also other self-defense and martial art oriented studios available near your area if Lafayette is too far.

Here’s the website:

Feel free to ask me questions about this if you have them, I am happy to share about my experience. Warmest wishes for your exploration. Til next time, thanks for reading, Alicia

About Alicia Patterson

Alicia Patterson is a Psychotherapist / Dance Movement Therapist, Birth Doula, Bodyworker / Energy Medicine Practitioner, Dance and Yoga Facilitator in the Boulder / Denver area.
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