Video #2: The Satisfaction Cycle

I’ve made a video series on developmental movement to go along with the Embodiment Guide I just wrote. This video series will be helpful to help you implement and practice the techniques and models I introduce in the Embodiment Guide. Click here for more information on the guide.

This first video covered The Bartenieff Fundamentals, a practice that I find foundational to the beginning of coming into one’s body. You can view that video on Youtube here.

The second video below is on The Satisfaction Cycle, a model developed by Susan Aposhyan that relates closely to the Bartenieff Fundamentals. This developmental movement cycle brings us further into the psychological aspect and the next phase of developmental movement in the body. The 5 fundamental actions associated with The Satisfaction Cycle (intentionally listed in linear order) are yield, push, reach, grasp, and pull. You can view this video on Youtube here.

This applies to many factors of life in regard to how we surrender, approach, go for, and digest all that we want and experience in life. Use an object available to you to practice this sequence (any object works, this is going to be the object of your desire, set it a few feet out of your reach):

– YIELD: Feel into your body.  Surrender your weight into the floor (lying or sitting on the floor helps). Get heavy. Let yourself see the object of your desire and let yourself have the experience without moving. Check in with all of your layers: your mind, emotions, body sensations, and breath. Ask yourself:
– what is happening in my mind?
– what is happening in my emotional world?
– what body sensations can I name?
– how is my breathing?
– where am I holding on that I can let go?

– PUSH: Begin to feel your weight become active against the floor. Push against the floor and feel yourself pushing the floor away and pushing yourself up from the heavy grounded place you were just in. Practice lifting and coming back down to the ground a few times. Check in with a breath.

– REACH: Only once you feel completely supported by the floor and stable in the action of pushing, begin to reach for the object. Do not grab it yet, just reach and then let your arm pull back into your core a few times. Check in with a breath.

– GRASP:  once your reach is fully extended and you can almost touch the object, you can reach to the max and grasp onto the object. Experience the object with your hand / eyes before you pull it into yourself. Check in with a breath.

– PULL: pull the object into yourself and notice the experience of satisfaction. Experience it fully and notice any senses that are appropriate (if it’s food, smell, taste, and chew slowly before swallowing). Savor this object before you put it down and move onto something new. Fully let go of it before your focus goes elsewhere. Check in with a breath.

I would love to hear your feedback! Please feel free to write to me with questions, comments, inquiries, etc. If there is a way I can support you and you feel called, don’t hesitate to ask. Sending all of my support and warmth for your practice!  Until next time, with love, Alicia

About Alicia Patterson

Alicia Patterson is a Psychotherapist / Dance Movement Therapist, Birth Doula, Bodyworker / Energy Medicine Practitioner, Dance and Yoga Facilitator in the Boulder / Denver area.
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