Video Series: Developmental Movement: Bartenieff Fundamentals

IMG_1841I’ve made a video series on developmental movement to go along with the Embodiment Guide I just wrote. This video series will be helpful to help you implement and practice the techniques and models I introduce in the Embodiment Guide. Click here for more information on the guide.

This first video below covers The Bartenieff Fundamentals, a practice that I find foundational to the beginning of coming into one’s body. You can also view the video on Youtube here.

Developmental movement patterns are deeply locked into our bodies. Practice this sequence to begin to open more pathways for connection throughout your body, to warm up before dance or yoga or exercise, to work on over / under developed physical patterns & symptoms, and to access the earliest movement of your life that you can’t “remember”, but your body will remember once you begin!

These movements ignite these fundamental patterns of our bodies:
– breath : to find your core
– core-distal : naval radiation to connect inner with outer
– mouthing: the beginning of the development of the spine
– head – tail : spine begins exploring new options
– upper – lower : to help push through
– body – half : to gain clarity
– body – diagonal : to integrate

I would love to hear your feedback! Please feel free to write to me with questions, comments, inquiries, etc. If there is a way I can support you and you feel called, don’t hesitate to ask. Sending all of my support and warmth for your practice!  Until next time, with love, Alicia

About Alicia Patterson

Alicia Patterson is a Psychotherapist / Dance Movement Therapist, Birth Doula, Bodyworker / Energy Medicine Practitioner, Dance and Yoga Facilitator in the Boulder / Denver area.
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